About us ♡

We believe that both you and us, together, want to reduce the harm that we leave on the environment. Each one of your purchases is an investment in the world you want to live in. We share a mutual responsibility in that!

The accessories that we offer in our store are handmade in Bulgaria with attention to every detail.  We make everything in small quantities, from natural materials. We believe that the the "fast fashion" sector is obsolete and we must slow down with something real, high quality and minimally harmful to our planet.

We strive for "wero waste" policy by transforming our residual fabrics into various details for new accessories, which you can find in the "Special Products" section!

Our accessories are non-committal and easily adapt to your style and occasion. Inspired by the classic "tote shopping bag", we strive to offer a universal, but different and modern product that will serve you faithfully at work, at school, in the supermarket, and why not as a wonderful addition to your outfit. For that, throw away the plastic and polyester bags with a smile, and trust us and our products!

We chose the name MIA for our brand - this is the nickname of our designer Maria (who currently makes each product by hand :) Also MIA means "mine" in Italian. This is your brand, your bag!

We plan to grow our product line. Our collection of clothes is coming soon!

All our branding elements are designed with great professionalism by Viktoria Beluhova - Fashion Stylist! ♡